Approach and method

Approach and method


At LE FRANÇAIS FACE À FACE, the trainee is the key-actor. My immersion programmes are based on an effective teaching appraoch putting the student at the very core of the course. My method involves the student working individually with the teacher, who coaches him and guarantees the progression.

By communicating with the teacher, one-on-one, all day long, in a structured and logical way, the student and the teacher create a common language environment favoring fluency and leading to fast and solid improvements. The biggest achievements will come and grow from that very special interaction, boosting the trainee’s progression and therefore motivation. Every person being unique, every course is and remains a particular and unique experience. The teacher’s ability to quickly define and understand the trainee’s progression and to therefore implement the appropriate tool at the right moment is the key concern. Though it all starts with a pre-defined detailed programme and with a specific pedagogical target, we do know by experience that the most important part is to happen then, once the course starts with its permanent quality interaction in between the teacher and the student.


From practice to theory

Using practical language allows us to access the theory successfully. Speak/practice, observe/understand and build by yourself! At LE FRANÇAIS FACE A FACE, one learns by practicing right from the beginning and whatever the individual’s starting level.

A logical and progressive building process

My method is structured logically so that a true beginner is given the tools to speak French right from the first session. Each point which is acquired, acts as the basis for the following one. The progression is constructed on a logical basis that takes into account the structures of the French language and the priority communication needs. My method consists in using the rules in order to build the information. From one linguistic point to another, and by following the rules, you build up your autonomy and confidence.

A maximum speaking time

Up to 7 hours of one-to-one interactive immersion per day, that is 35 hours of direct and supervised time (courses + lunch) per week face to face with an experienced teacher focusing on you. The number of hours you spend speaking French with your instructor, leaves very little room for you to translate and think in your native language. Very quickly, the combination of the “one-to-one” and “intensive” features will make a difference in terms of fluency, confidence and will lead to substantial progresses.

An interactive insightful method

Being alone with the teacher, the trainee is constantly involved in communicative activities and is the real protagonist of the training session. He/she therefore quickly acquires fluency. The one-to-one approach enables a permanent stimulating interaction between a motivated boosting teacher and a motivated progressing trainee.

A truly profitable immersion

Taking part in a one-to-one programme implies isolating yourself from your usual spoken language and concentrating on your immersion stay. The instructor designs the course and coaches the student through it, creating a truly active, stimulating and worthwhile immersion. From your arrival until your departure, there will be no one to talk to you in any other language but French and not any French but French with an experienced teacher. Last but not least, the level of French you will be in contact with, will be profitable for you. This is what I call “controlled immersion”. The trainee is permanently given by the teacher, a level of communication fitting his level and giving the trainee the ability to build up his understanding skill and opportunities to react with his current level and at his own speed. Whatever the programme you choose, your French will be supervised by a teacher throughout the training. A linguistic immersion that enhances and accelerates progress and confidence. No mistake will remain uncorrected.

A customized monitoring

As a participant, you are sent an evaluation in French before the immersion programme starts. The course is therefore defined to suit your personal level and to lead you to a certain target. The teacher monitoring the student throughout the programme is able, at once, to implement the necessary tools and to adapt the course rhythm in order to meet your specific needs and targets. Permanently one on one with the teacher, you make good and fast progress and quickly develop a strong motivation which drives your progression. As a learner, you spend most of the day speaking French with an experienced insightful teacher, acting as a supervisor, prompting, reacting, pushing, correcting you. Your teacher’s ability to analyze at once your production and to immediately adapt the programme accordingly is, to us, a key-element in the quality of the programme.