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Emmanuelle Arnaud-quettier

Emmanuelle Arnaud-quettier

I was raised in Angers. Both my parents were teachers of French, Latin and Greek and graduated at la Sorbonne of Paris.

Graduated in English and French (as a Second Language) at the University of Belle-Beille in Angers, I am passionate about languages and teaching. I eventually focused on my native language and on the possible teaching approaches of French as a second language.

After a 10-year experience as a teacher of French in various private schools in France and abroad, to children, teenagers and adults, I decided to specialize in teaching French one-to-one exclusively and to offer high quality immersion programmes in French for adults.

LE FRANÇAIS FACE À FACE was founded in 2005.

Since then, I have worked continuously to develop further the logic method and the insightful approach, putting emphasis on oral communication and interactivity.

With my programmes, I am willing to provide people with the best combination to quickly improve or perfect in French. At LE FRANÇAIS FACE À FACE, the programmes are one-to-one, customized and residential.

“Experiencing a one-to-one immersion course should be stimulating, inspiring and fun. For sure, it requires motivation, personal involvement and concentration but it should lead to big achievements.”

I have taught French to numerous people, private individuals and professionals, from all over the world and have been working with big international companies.

Among my regular faithful customers, big companies such as Lafarge, Total, UBS, SAP, Solvay, Schott, Exane,… and many private people, coming once a year to boost their knowledge and fluency. Most of them hold positions of responsibility such as ambassadors, executives, directors, lawjers, doctors, … and some of them are amazingly motivated by their determination to practice French better and continuously improve their fluency.

“To me, every student is a singular and new experience, a new inspiration and a new challenge too! Running a one-to-one intensive course efficiently requires a solid professional insight and a total dedication to the student. From then on, I believe that everything is possible !”