temoignagne Mrs W

“ If you are looking to learn French or improve your existing French, you need to look no further! I saved up my pennies for a few months and enrolled in a one-to-one immersion programme. The best thing I have done since arriving in France! One concentrated week of one-on-one language tuition. And I do mean concentrated. The name says what it is — Face a Face — one-on-one.

I would have loved to have been able to afford two or three weeks!
The teaching programme is custom made for you — planned specifically for the individual student. When one enrolls, you send off a test which indicates to the teacher at which level you are, and the curriculum that was planned for me started exactly at my level and took me several notches up.

It is also very, very cleverly devised to allow the student to speak about subjects that interest him or her, thus not only putting him at ease to speak freely – and becoming impassioned about that subject should the occasion require it!, but also enabling him to acquire the necessary vocabulary in the subjects that he is most likely to want to raise in general conversation.

The teacher is gentle and patient and empathetic at all times – and it has to be mentioned that she too has to have the stamina of a super hero for staying the course! Always ready with the answer, always ready with the explanation, always ready with just that little extra information to ensure that the knowledge not only is absorbed, but filed in a place where it will be readily available when needed. It should also be mentioned that she does not let you get away with mistakes. She corrects you when you are wrong. And I mention this because there are more and more people around who have come through an education system where the student is never wrong – and where, in my mind, it is impossible to learn and improve. (If you do not have your mistakes pointed out to you, how will you ever correct them and improve?

I cannot praise this course enough — it is excellent. A language teaching method that is scientifically and meticulously planned to offer each individual every opportunity and every tool to learn and/or improve their language skills. If you are looking to learn French or improve your existing French, you need to look no further. ”

Mrs W.W.

South Africa, +50, intermediary, intensive programme, 1 week, personal purposes

Corporate trainer and coach in cross-cultural awareness and communication.

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