” It has been a very satisfying week for me, both from an educational point and from a cultural point. As I told you, it was quite challenging for any teacher to manage to improve my French further within just 5 days ( considering the fact that I had taken French classes for one year in France before arriving and that I am now very comfortable with the advance level) but you did it and honnestly, I have learned a lot! I had met quite a number of teachers of French in my life and you are among the very best teachers I have met so far! You have been able to immediately notice my weaknesses and to quickly implement appropriate exercices to practice and improve.After this year I have spent studying French in France, I have been very lucky to meet you especially as I am going back home now. I am pretty sure that I will come back and enjoy a much longer course with you in a near future. Thank you so much! “

Mrs R.I.

Hong-Kong, advanced, cultural programme, 5 days, personal and professional requirements

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